Ready-mixed filler for professional painters

Perfect surfaces

Our ready-mixed products have a high, consistent quality that produces the best possible end result. With ready-mixed filler, you work:

  • Efficiently

  • Ergonomically

  • Sustainably

Scanspac - Ready mixed filler

We build Sustainability

We offer sustainable filling products for today’s and tomorrow’s homes and buildings.



Scanspac - Ready mixed filler producer

Take your work to the next level

Roller filler is easy to apply to walls. You work faster, more efficiently and more economically compared with hand filler.



Roll filler

Application methods

Hand filling

A traditional filling method, and an effective one when you have to apply and smooth the filler on small areas.

Roller filling

Roller filler is easy to apply to plaster or concrete walls. Roller filler saves time, it´s ergonomic and causes less strain on the body.

Spray filling

Spray filling is a fast, ergonomic and economical work method for bigger surfaces. Incredibly efficient method for large areas.