Improved working conditions for builders

Construction worker

Builders' health & safety stand at the heart of our approach. Safe jobsites are about reduced occupational risks for workers during all construction, renovation or deconstruction of buildings.


Of EU workers in the construction sector report musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)


Construction is the second sector with the highest MSD risks


How to improve builders' working conditions?

  • Construction waste management: reduce waste at source, valorize construction waste, optimize waste sorting and collection, comply with regulatory requirements for disposal or recovery and ensure waste traceability

  • Reduce risk of musculoskeletal disorders from workers: light and easy-to-handle products

  • Limit nuisances and pollution on the construction site (acoustic & visual nuisances, air pollution, ...)

How do we act?

Our available solutions:

  • Low-dust products

  • Lightweight materials

  • Products with small packaging (easy to handle)