Facts about filler

Facts about filler

Facts about filler

Manufacturing filler is no simple matter. There are strict environmental, ergonomic and economic demands.

Our product range consists of products for most substrates and for all application methods: hand filler, roller filler and spray filler. We have a large range of accessories and tools, which combine with the filler to form a system.

Different products have different properties. Some are ideal in wet rooms, some for woodwork, while some are suitable for façades outdoors. Our customer must always find the product they are looking for and get a high-quality product.

What filler contains

  • Filling agent – Enables the filler to fill holes, cracks and joints. The filling agent is usually dolomite, which is a kind of rock, and microspheres of various grain sizes are also included in most fillers.
  • Binder – Enables the filler to adhere to the wall and maintain its structure, e.g. when it is being sanded. It gives the filler the required properties for different conditions and requirements, such as joint filler, facade filler or wood filler.
  • Thickener – Gives the filler the consistency desired.
  • Solvent – We only use water for this in our fillers.
  • Additive – Gives the filler that final touch.


Important to choose the right products

Well-executed filling and priming work is decisive for achieving a successful end result. The right filler and accessories conceal joints and enable corners to withstand wear, contributing to a reduction in renovation costs. As for decorators, by using the right products they manage to save both time and their backs, and are guaranteed to be satisfied with their work. We take care of the whole product system, and this is important for achieving a good end result for both decorator and end user.

Raw materials

Dolomite, which is one of the main raw materials used in our fillers, is extracted in mines very close to both of our factories in Sala and Glanshammar. This naturally reduces the environmental impact considerably, as minimal transportation is required for this major input material.