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About Scanspac

Nordic Ecolabel
The Nordic Ecolabel is the Nordic region’s official ecolabel, which is managed in Sweden by Miljömärkning Sverige AB on behalf of the government. They examine the environmental impact of goods and services throughout their life cycle, from raw material to waste, and set requirements for function and quality.

EPD stands for Environmental Product Declaration. The Environmental Product Declaration is an independently verified and registered document that openly reports the product’s potential environmental impact.

M1 is a voluntary emission classification for building materials. The M1 label means that the product has been tested in an independent and impartial laboratory and has met the specified criteria. M1 stands for low emissions.


Environment-friendlier plastic buckets
Scanspac´s new buckets consist of 100% recyclable material, are made of at recycled plastic up till 90% and generate 40-60% less carbon dioxide emissions from raw material to factory. This label has been developed for Scanspac.

Climate-smart sacks
We give you and the customers, the opportunity to make climate-smart choices through your material and product selection, for example through our 15-litre sacks, with a packaging solution that has 40% less climate impact than a standard bucket of the same size.

Climate-neutral production
The ready-mixed filler products at Scanspac are manufactured in climate-neutral* factories in Glanshammar and Sala. We have achieved this by phasing out all fossil fuels and vehicles from our factories. We have also installed a large solar panel system that supplies green electricity to both production and the community. This means that our factories are actually helping avoid unnecessary emissions from fossil energy sources. 

*According to an assessment in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Scanspac’s production is at zero CO₂e in Scope 1 and Scope 2.